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Service: Detox Program Introductory Massage and FIR Sauna Session add another, change

This service is the first of a series of 4-8 treatments done in a series to promote detox, cleansing, relaxation and letting go.  Cocoon Detox Aromatherapy Wraps are used along side the extremely healing and cleansing MediCupping to involve all the senses in this aromatic deep cleanse.  A free Far Infrared Sauna session is included and will be scheduled an hour before the Cocoon Treatment.  A consultation is included to inform you of the full detox program.  Let's get you started on the right foot with all the information and tools you will need for a successful cleanse.  This session will answer any of your questions.The detox program includes 4-8 sessions geared towards weight loss, easing toxic overload, and reducing high stress environments.  Cleanse on a cellular level and an emotional level with our gentle and informed therapists.  MediCupping Treatments, Infrared Sauna Sessions and Food as Medicine Consultations are all included in this program.  Before you begin this program, you must complete this session.   

Therapist: No preference, Jamie Allison LaNeave LMT, Michael Coles FMP, CMT, CES
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